Friday, September 30, 2011

Choosing happiness

I'm trying...everyday. I often succeed. On the days I don't, I try to ensure I do the next day. Today was a C+ day. Shooting for an A tomorrow.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Apple - the forbidden fruit!

Apple has done such a WONDERFUL job of making (and advertising) products for young consumers that I can hardly have a conversation w/members of my family where the word Apple...(iPod, iPad, iPhone, etc.) doesn't come up. Thankfully, my family went and picked actual apples yesterday...right off the trees. Real apples...Jonathan's...the kind you eat and let the sweet & tangy juice run done your chin. I was reminded that apples have been around since the Garden of Eden...and perhaps, in thier most recent manifestation, the tempatation remains the same as the one that took place there.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

It's a GREAT day! Ally comes home today. Danny & Todd are working and preparing to serve the Lord in Uruguay. Jordan is happy rooming w/Braden. Shelley & Rob are having a baby. Kristin & Troy are loving one another and their family. Anna & Andy have settled in in Noblesville. Nate & Shauna are enjoying their kids being in school!!!

Laurel is the love of my life and blossoming into an AMAZING Seminary Teacher.

I have lost 40 pounds and am successfully maintaining my weight around 260

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Ally wondered why we haven't done anything with our blog for a while, so instead of waiting for Jim to do it, she inspired me.
Ally and I have enjoyed our visit with Kristin and her family, Blake is a cutie and Bryn is a great big sister. Blake loves to sleep and we have had fun trying to wake him up so he can eat.
Ally took Bryn outside to blow bubbles, a windy somewhat chilly day, but that doesn't phase Bryn, she loves to be outside as most kids
Ally and Kristin were able to get Bryn to sit long enough for a few pictures with Blake, Ally was dancing to keep her entertained. We will miss them when we leave tomorrow.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

What a game!!

Danny and his Ruby team were down 12-0 in the second half Saturday when they caught fire! It was an exciting game. They won 24-17 and have advanced to the State Semi-finals on Memorial Day. Regardless of the outcome, it will be an AWESOME day because most of our family will be there (Andy & Troy will be the only absentees). In the pic to the right, Danny just scored the try (5 points) that changed the tone of the game...he was EXCITED!!!
I left the game VERY hoarse...but it was sooo cool!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

A Saturday to Remember

It was a GREAT plan!!!

Pick-up my pants from the tailor, go to ally's Mayfest performance, see Danny's Rugby match and then enjoy the Leadership and Saturday evening sessions of Stake Conference.

Like most GREAT plans, it quickly required revision. Ally's Mayfest performance lasted 2 hours, not 1 which meant it ended just after Danny's AWAY Rugby match started. In the past, I have been BAD about letting my feelings show when things don't go the way they were "supposed to" (sorry, Laurel!!!).

This time I was prayerful about 2 things:

1. That I would be patient...remembering that I couldn't do anything about the fact that it was going to end just after 2.
2. That I would be able to catch the end of his game (which was happening down by the Indianapolis Zoo).

After Ally's performance, I was upbeat and positive. We shared an enjoyable ride home chatting about things that happened during her show. I left her @ home and, without any tension, just kept praying for 1 & 2 above.

I made it to the Rugby field w/4 minutes left in the match (it was their second game of the state tournament). They were down 10 - 5. It was beginning to rain (thankfully, Mom keeps umbrellas in the car!!). With about 1 minute left in the game, Danny got the ball. He knifed into the center of the field. First one Cathedral player hit him, then another until he had drawn 4 guys to him. He was fighting forward, standing tall and just as they were about to take him down, he passed the ball. That pass led to 3 more as his team reversed their direction and ran to the left. Two of their fastest guys were on the wing. Around the corner they went...and scored a try!!! Five's tied!!! Because the try was touched down near the sideline, the kicker had the most sever angle possible to kick and score 2 more points to win the game.

As time was expiring, the kicker drop-kicked the ball through the was good!! Make that GREAT!! Two more points...the Nobleville Rampage had won!!!

They have a game Saturday and if/when they win that one...they go to the State semi-finals in South Bend on Memorial Day!! I'm looking forward to a Family Reunion picnic @ the State Semi-Finals in South Bend!!!

Immediately after the game was over, I hopped back in the car and drove to Muncie for Stake Conference. I cried for several minutes because it was clear to me that the Lord had answered my prayers. I felt so blessed!! I was so happy for DAnny & his teammates!!

I made it to my meeting about 10 minutes late. The rest of the evening was full of GREAT talks from inspired sons and daughters of a loving Henavenly Father.

It was a Saturday to remember...and I always will!!!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

It sure is quiet!!

Mom's in the beehive state
Todd's at work
Danny & Ally are @ school

It's WAY quiet in the house when I'm home alone!

Danny's rugby team won their first tournament game last night 20 to 5. They play again Saturday. Ally's choir sings @ May Fest Saturday as well. Stake Conference starts will be a busy day!